This Maine Coon cat is so big that many people think it's a dog when they first see it.

Maine Coons are a breed of cat that can be kept as a pet. This breed is thought to be one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. It came from the US state of Maine. They are big cats with friendly, playful, smart, and gentle personalities.

It has a rectangular body shape, a long, bushy tail, a ruff on its chest, strong bones, and a two-layered coat that is not even. The Maine Coon sometimes acts like a dog and is a good hunter because of this. Because of how they look, they can live in harsh winter climates.

Maine Coons, also called "gentle giants," are easy to train. They are known for how much they care about their family.

These cats used to be called the largest breed of domestic cats, but that changed when Savannah cats came along.

Today, we'll tell you about Kefir, a huge white Maine Coon cat who lives in Stary Oskol, Russia, with his human mother, Yuliya Minina. Yuliya bought the Maine Coon two years ago, and his birthday is on March 3. This huge cat weighs about 26.5 pounds right now, and he is expected to get bigger before he turns three years old.

Because Kefir is so big, many people think he is a dog. He is a big Maine Coon, and he is also very smart because he understands some of Yuliya's commands. Kefir doesn't like dry cat food. Instead, he prefers meat and natural feed. Even though he is big, he is a very kind person.

This Maine Coon likes to eat dinner at the family table because he thinks of himself as part of the family. Kefir is now famous on Instagram and has a lot of fans. People from all over the world love this cute big ball of fur, and his funny pictures are very popular. When you look at his pictures, you can see how good this cat is at posing.

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