150,000-year-old Ancient Astronomical Site With 3-mile-wide Star Map Was Discovered in Hawaii

A famous youtuber has posted a very interesting youtube video showing an ancient celestial map, with satellite pictures of Google Earth, somewhere in Hawaii.

He believes these Petroglyphs could be up to 150000 years old, making them the oldest Petroglyphs even discovered on Earth so far.

He also claims that these lines, this celestial map is directly link to the Nazca lines, but as of now he has no proof yet.

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  1. It's a water tank for cattle. Cattle make numerous paths to the tank. You can find this all over the US and world, especially in deserts.

  2. Live in Hawaii: hogwash. Hawaii wasn't even livable 150K years ago. Hawaii wasn't even occupied until the Lapita culture (if then) about 5K years ago or later--Micronesians were apparently here prior to the arrival of Polynesians--as Micronesian navigators were routinely hired by the Hawaiians and various stories of "little people" (compared to the rather large and thick Polynesian folks) abound in Hawaii. Most human civilization in Hawaii derives from no earlier than about 1,500 years ago--Hawaii was just too far for most seafaring people to get to until the Pacific Islanders developed the ability to travel vast distances on a routine basis.

  3. TheOrionLines.com

  4. 20.1079 -155.8542 those are the coordinates it’s easy to find In Kawaihae. It’s certainly modern main made paths with fences along some of them and in the center is come water tanks or something.