Meet Wiley, the Dalmatian puppy whose nose is shaped like a heart.

Since the beginning of civilization, dogs have always been man's best friend. Most of us love having a puppy around because no one else will ever care for us and love us as much as our puppy does. He will follow you everywhere, be your faithful companion on long walks, and listen to your troubles when you are sad. In short, a dog can be the perfect lover that we all like a lot.

Every day, we hear many nice things about different dogs and see pictures of them, but I'm sure you'll fall in love with the diminutive Mr. Handsome I'm about to show you.

Wiley is a Dalmatian puppy, and what makes him unique is the heart-shaped spot in the middle of his face.

Since he was a child, everyone noticed this heart-shaped mark on his face, and as he got older, it became more noticeable.

Lexi Smith, who owns him, was worried that the mark would disappear. Luckily, it didn't, and now it's the first thing people notice about the little puppy.

Not only does Wiley have a heart-shaped spot on his chest, but the puppy has also shown that he has a big heart. He is friendly and loyal, and most people fall in love with him right away because of these qualities.

Wiley has 223k people who follow him on Instagram, and because of their love, he has become a star.

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