Jennifer Love Hewitt Hits Back In Perfect Way After Trolls Say She’s “Unrecognizable” In New Photo

Jennifer Love Hewitt didn't hold back when internet trolls dubbed her "fake" after sharing a selfie this month.

Online fans quickly called the actress out for her changed appearance after the actress featured in an Instagram photo by her hairdresser, Nikki Lee.

This occurred following Jennifer's bob haircut and gorgeous brown hair color. It was time to shake things up, her stylist said in the picture's description.

As usual anytime a celebrity makes a major alteration to their look, fans of the 44-year-old were quick to jump into the comments section with their opinions.

Although a lot of people expressed their admiration, several critics implied that Love Hewitt had plastic surgery to enhance her beauty.

Lloyd Klein/Flickr

After becoming well-known for I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), the actress was called
"unrecognizable" by a number of critics.

Love Hewitt chose to address her detractors by publishing a sequence of photos that suggested she had undergone some type of surgical procedure, even though it is usually the case for celebrities to just brush off their haters and skeptics in these situations.

“So many people said I look different”, the actress wrote.

Credit / Instagram – Jennifer Love Hewitt

“I look the same as always. Couldn’t look more natural. I woke up like this. Filters don’t change you that much.”

Hewitt’s face was obviously altered with a variety of filters in these ironic snaps.

The actress still encourages people to be considerate while making comments on other people's photos, even if they are exaggerated.

The last words she spoke were, "Let people be filtered or unfiltered." Act morally. Show kindness. Love one another.

Love Hewitt received backlash for her appearance after she shared a picture of herself on Instagram to celebrate turning 44 earlier this year.

“Woke up at 4am and was 44! I am deeply grateful, blessed, happy, sometimes insecure about aging, a mom of three incredible babies, married to the most handsome and awesome man, and really excited to see what this year has for us,” her post read.

“I feel magic in the air and I love magic. Off to work… thank you mom for giving me life. I miss you so much. Gonna get my job done and my birthday cheers on later. Ps Atticus got up way too early and sang me happy birthday! My heart melted. Now go have a great day everyone. It’s my birthday you have to do it!

Then, a lot of people expressed how surprised they were by the former child star's new look.

"When I saw this photo in an article, I assumed the author made a mistake since I didn't think it was JLH—I didn't even recognize the likeness. I am astonished that I came to Instagram to double verify," someone said.

“Why doesn’t she look like herself? I’m so confused,” another added.

“That’s not her,” a third claimed. “It can’t be.”

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