This Cute "unicorn" Puppy With A Tail On His Forehead Has Famous On Instagram.

A stray puppy entered the Mac's Mission shelter in 2019. He was about 10 weeks old and required medicine for worms in his fingers. However, the tail that had developed on his forehead caught the attention of the vets.

The puppy required a unique name, therefore "Narwhal" was chosen in homage to sea creatures that have a frontal tubercle. The media, however, called him "the unicorn puppy" after he went viral.

To find out if this appendage might be harming him, Narwhal did some research. X-rays of the appendix indicated that it was entirely made of flesh and that there were no bones inside. Narwhal would not be bothered by this procedure, thus the shelter made the decision not to amputate it.

The birth defect was distinct but also enigmatic. Why the puppy has developed tails at both ends is unknown. One theory is that while still in the womb, Narwhal mysteriously absorbed his identical twin. This is referred to as parasitic twins in humans and shows up as extra limbs or organs that have grown in the surviving twins. Dogs don't often have twins, thus this hasn't been reported.


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