The Great Eared Nightjar: Nature's Closest Resemblance to a Dragon Bird

One species of nightjar in the Caprimulgidae family is the large-eared nightjar (Lyncornis macrotis). It can be found in some regions of Southeast Asia and southwest India. This enormous nightjar features long, barred wings, a barred tail, and long, frequently recumbent ear tufts. Its throat band is white, yet its wings and tail are whitish.

Fortunately for us, the big-eared nightjar exists even though we don't have any fire-breathing dragons that can fly!

The shadowy depths of Southeast Asia's tropical forests are home to the big-eared nightjar, also known as the little dragon.

Being nocturnal animals, they like to explore the forest at night, when they can blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

Their ability to blend in seamlessly with the foliage of the tropical forest is quite remarkable.

These cute little dragons could easily pass for characters from Game of Thrones or Harry Potter, but they are actually birds.

The great-eared nightjar is a unique bird that appears unlike any other that we have ever seen.

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