Photographs of adorable squirrels enjoying the sweet smell of wildflowers

There are so many animals in the natural world. The world could not exist without their presence. In certain situations, humans and animals exhibit similar behavior and emotions, despite their obvious differences. Babies frequently play with each other and have a great time, just like kids like to play with friends. Do you recall instances when your cat or dog acted almost exactly like a human? Animals experience pain, love, happiness, and other emotions just like people do.

Animals seem to appreciate beauty and the natural world. We can demonstrate this fact with evidence. We saw pictures of squirrels lost in their own worlds, smelling the sweet scent of flowers. When the pictures were released, they went viral all over the world because of how perfectly timed the moments were.

Dick van Duijn is the accomplished photographer that captured the images. Eight years ago, he began his career as a photographer, and he currently works as a wildlife photographer. During one of his wildlife photography sessions, he captured the now-viral squirrel photos. He went to Vienna with a friend in the hopes of taking some photos for his collection. One evening, amid the fields of gorgeous flowers, he had an unexpected encounter with the squirrels there. Dujin was able to photograph the precious scene of ground squirrels smelling the flowers as though they were spellbound by their fragrance because he was in the right place at the right moment.

The colors of the flowers combined with the cute squirrels and the vibrant rays of the evening sun make for some amazing background photos. The feelings depicted on squirrels' faces are remarkably similar to our own when we smell a lovely flower. They take in the fragrance to the fullest, closing their eyes and tuning out the outside world for a minute. It's amazing how the pictures appear to show these tiny animals purposefully posing for the camera.

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