Next-Level Cameras: 4 Cameras That Have Unbelievable Features

The field of photography goes as far back as the early 1800s, and cameras have come a long way since then.
ThoughtCo recounts photography’s roots in the camera obscura and daguerreotypes before fully evolving as a medium through the development of film cameras. Film cameras were considered revolutionary for photography, and enabled the reproduction of images for personal and commercial purposes.

Nowadays, digital cameras dominate as both an industry and an art form. Even smartphones’ built-in cameras have made it easier to capture scenes and subjects from everyday life. And as cameras continue to evolve through technological advancements and innovations, we now have next-level cameras with unbelievable features that open up limitless possibilities for photography and creative expression.

1. Feeder cameras

For nature and animal lovers, feeder cameras are a great way to see feathered and furry friends up close and personal without disturbing their peace. Feeder cameras typically have weather-resistant casing for outdoor use, as well as built-in recording systems so you can watch what’s happening in real-time wherever you are.

Our previous article about a ‘Woman Who Set Up Feeder Camera shows the superb quality and amount of detail that these devices can capture — from birds’ unique colors and patterns, to small critters like chipmunks in their natural habitat. Aside from taking photos, advanced feeder cameras like the Netvue Birdfy camera are also equipped with artificial intelligence and image recognition technology to help identify bird species.

2. Kodak PIXPRO series

Kodak is a prominent name in the photography industry for a reason. While the company can trace its humble beginnings back to 35mm film, the latest Kodak PIXPRO series boasts the latest upgrades through unparalleled design, image resolution, and zooming capabilities that are perfect for wildlife and underwater photography.

One of the best PIXPRO cameras available at Adorama is the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ425 digital camera, which allows users to zoom into subjects and scenes up to 42 times. There’s also the Kodak PIXPRO WPZ2 action camera. Both shockproof and dustproof, the rugged camera body can also be used in, on, and under the water for all your aquatic adventures. The models under the PIXPRO series in general are built to take the best shots while on the go.

3. Paper Shoot Camera

The Paper Shoot camera adds some flair and mystery to conventional point-and-shoot photography with its look and setup. It doesn’t have a flash, a viewfinder, or a control system, and the only thing you have to work with is the lens embedded in the camera board itself.

Nevertheless, the Paper Shoot lightweight portable camera is still an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to disposable or film cameras. It’s rechargeable and allows data transfer via an SD card. Its 16-MP camera allows for auto-adjusted focus and excellent image quality. Lastly, its varied color modes — color, black & white, sepia, and blue — deliver a unique aesthetic, compared to simply using preset filters on smartphones.

4. Nintendo Game Boy Camera

While the cameras previously mentioned have all been released recently, the last one on the list is incredible by virtue of being attached to a 23-year-old handheld video game console. The Nintendo GameBoy toy camera can only produce grayscale photos in 2-bit resolution. Yet old-school gamers and photographers are dusting off their consoles to experiment with the technological limitations and nostalgia it offers.

The new breed of Game Boy camera photographers lauds how the retro device’s fixed focus and lack of exposure control restrict their images to a specific and distinct style, but with enough freedom to still be creative.

After all, the device you use is not the be-all and end-all of photography. Its features and specs are merely tools that advance your existing skill and interest in this artistic medium.

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