Guy Photoshops Himself In Celebrity Pictures And It Is Hilarious (20 New Pictures)

Now, don’t get time wrong, I understand that watching a person on TV can make you think you know them in real life and thus want to meet them. But in most cases, it is not as easy as just going to their house and saying hello unless you want to be labelled as a stalker. Even when you see a celebrity out and about, most of the time they just want to be left alone and not have to take a million pictures.

I know what a lot of people tend to forget is that celebrities are human as well and should be treated as such. However, one thing that doesn’t hurt anyone is photoshopping yourself with your favourite celebrity. And it is fun and games after all. So that is exactly what one man is on a mission to do. I am not sure if he has met any famous people in real life but his photoshop skills have come to the rescue many times.

I am ofcourse talking about Average Rob. You can see some of his most fun photoshops by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram

#1 Selena Gomex looks a bit concerned about him and I would be too.

#2 Britney Spears is probably a bit angry at him that he didn’t choose a better picture.

#3 That does seem like a great place to skate.

#4 Will Smith has had it and will not open the door.

#5 When the buggy is full and so you have to ride on the roof.

#6 I bet he is really helping Justin make some great music.

#7 Ronalda was too busy taking a good picture to care about the guy falling into the water.

#8 Was Brad Pitt really driving that fast?

#9 When did Beyonce become so mean?

#10 I don’t even know what to say about this image.

#11 When you didn’t want to become friends with the pigeon.

#12 Nobody likes to be woken up in the middle of the night.

#13 I think he was plopped into the wrong scene.

#14 Has he heard about personal space?

#15 An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

#16 The hug might be too tight but what do I know?

#17 Just too lads having a fun day in the sun.

#18 I am just surprised that the white dress is staying put and not riding up.

#19 This is just the secret fourth Jonas Brother.

#20 Who wouldn’t want to be slathered with Maple Syrup?

What did you think of these pictures? Are his photoshop skills up to par or do you think they need a little bit more work? Have you ever met any of these celebrities? If so, let us know what they were actually like in the comments below. Don’t forget to share these images with your friends so they can have a laugh as well.

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