21 Of The Funniest Photos That Prove Kids Never Fail To Amaze Us With Their Sense Of Humor

Kids are so innocent; they do not understand a lot of things. They would do something wrong and it would put a smile on our faces. They would start studying during a bath session, they would smear toothpaste in your toilet, they would write funny answers in exams and whatnot. They have no idea that they are blessed with a very good sense of humor. Today, we have 21 photos of kids that prove kids never fail to amaze us with their sense of humor. So, scroll down and laugh at these photos.

1. There is so much going on in this picture. We can’t figure out if he did all of this:

Source: kate9871

2. When your 2.5-year-old niece insists to hold the baby like this:

Source: kate9871

3. So, this poor boy was trying to use a bar stool as a jail cell:

Source: slamma69

4. Yeah, he is such a nerd for studying while playing the piano:

Source: Holiday-Buy6096

5. “My son playing hide and seek at my parents house.”

Source: ohKeithMC

6. Goodbye couch:

Source: rastroboy

7. “My niece and nephew made me a sandwich, top with baby carrots, panda chocolate Cookies and Yogurt. They know me well.”

Source: PosterQ

8. Oh, what a thanksgiving it is:

Source: fuck-your-name-rules

9. When you are playing hide and seek with your baby and find her asleep:

Source: Strange_Increase_373

10. “My sister tried to take a Banana, failed then ate the banana like a taco”

Source: Reddit

11. When she complains about getting stuck but she is the one holding the door:

Source: blacksmithwolf

12. When she is trying to hide from mommy:

Source: Damian411

13. When a kid wants to do your hair:

Source: sumsum1642

14. How many do we have?

Source: LiquidFrets

15. “My Mom Was Given A Jesus Doll As A Gag Gift, And My Niece Decided It’s Her BFF”

Source: Jdawg641

16. “He asked me for a straw for his orange juice. Minutes later I remembered we didn’t have OJ and go back to see this..”

Source: Jdawg641

17. “When Your Three Year Old Tells Man At McDonalds That His Pants Are Falling Down”

Source: imblackgrapes

18. We thought only cats steal the dog beds:

19. “My Niece, Who I Treated Nicely In The 3 Hours She Stayed, Decided That Doing This To Me Was A Good Idea”

Source: NIGHTHOWLER198  

20. “My 1yo niece tore the keys off my keyboard when I wasn’t home.”

Source: gamerjam

21. When it is your exam tomorrow and you have to complete the whole syllabus:

Source: u/mejaterbang

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