17 Women Who Chose to Let Their Body Hair Grow

There are some women who can’t picture their bodies covered with hair, some who won’t shave, and yet others who do. Regardless of whatever group you fall under, you must agree that shaving our legs may be inconvenient at times. In addition, the popularity of shaving only increased once razors began to be sold and women were advised to remove their body hair. So perhaps we should refrain from passing judgment on one another’s decisions and instead let them be our own.

#1 “Trying to come across as the woman I’ve always wanted.”

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#2 “admiring my hair.”

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#3 “Armpit hair is attractive.”

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#4 “I recently got married and accessorized beautifully with my natural body hair.”

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#5 You may wear flowers in your hair as well as pair them with vibrant clothes.

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#6 “When someone criticizes your pit hair and you don’t take it well.”

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#7 “Rocking them today at the pool.”

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#8 “Comfortable bumble bee legs.”

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#9 “I avoided wearing short sleeves outside for a very long time.”

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#10 “I’m not worried about what others would think about my body hair anymore.”

© Ponyhairy / Reddit

#11 “Seaside day”

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#12 “The gym’s arm day. Any longer, I don’t care who looks at me.”

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#13 “I feel magnificent.”

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#14 “Although he has more, I’m content with my. Funny how growing together couples stay together.”

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#15 “Sincerely, I enjoy leaving my pits untrimmed throughout the summer.”

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#16 “Just recently, I had my feet done! I’m finally gaining the confidence to visit the hairdresser while sporting hairy legs!”

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#17 “I’m going to miss the weather so much.”

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