25 Pics From 'Instagram Reality' That Exposes Hilariously Weird Edits

Apart from heavily editing photos with Photoshop, there’s now an increased interest in video editing, especially with apps like SNOW and Facetune2, which permit editing one’s body and filters that can make the lips appear bigger and the skin unrealistically flawless. As a result, most Instagrammers continually fakes it, attracting attention while showing that their lives are worthy of being looked at.

It’s saddening that most tend to get away with the mentioned above while others don’t, thanks to the Subreddit named Instagram Reality. The community has since been on the mission to expose Instagrammers who have taken their edits way too LITERALLY. To really understand what we’re talking about, we’ve compiled some of the best photos the group has to offer for your perusal. Enjoy, and we do hope you don’t get manipulated in between.

“How Do I Tell Someone To Tone Down The Filter?”

IL-10 -Via

“Found On An Instagram Story. It Scared The Bejesus Out Of Me.”

[deleted] -Via

“Not Enough Guys On Here, But They’re Just As Guilty.”

redditgiveshemorroid -Via

“Upload Vs. Screenshot From Unedited Video.”

johnkneetoe -Via

“I Don't Even Know What To Say. Lord Have Mercy.”

chantoi -Via


chlorofanatic -Via

“A Famous Singer In Romania (What She Posts On IG Vs Screenshot From A Video).”

Misu1531 -Via

“Photographer Posted His “Retouching” Work On A Facebook Group.”

halchemy -Via

“WTF Is Up With Those Hands?!?!?!?.”

Snukes42Q -Via

“She Says That Her Goal Is To Be A French Doll. Her Instagram Vs An Interview.”

Moon-Desu -Via

“When A Family Member Accidentally Posts Your Real Face.”

pyretta-blazeit -Via

“Noses Are Clearly Overrated...Who Even Needs Them?”

keyneem -Via

“When You Can't Hide The Lines In The Background Warping So You Photoshop Them Out Entirely.”

SeductiveGuacamole -Via

“What The Model Posted Vs. The Getty Photographer.”

PsychologicalStory66 -Via

“Who Even Needs Organs?”

andrew_a7 -Via

“I Could Be Wrong But I Don’t Think That’s How Upper Thighs Work.”

scarafied -Via

“I Just Has To Share This Find.”

Aleztriplea -Via

“Scarred Me A Little Bit, Not Gonna Lie.”

Malow -Via

“A Very Famous 63 Year Old Woman Completely Unrecognizable.”

chair909 -Via

“Found One In The Wild - I Am Flabbergasted.”

chantoi -Via

“Posted Vs. Tagged (The Middle Person Different).”

-Jovie- -Via

“She Uses The One On The Left For Her Job Application… I Really Don’t Understand It, I Also Love Filters, But I’m Well Aware That They Change My Appearance And Doesn’t Look Like Me. But She Use The Picture For A Job Application?! Smh”

Gossiplover118 -Via

“This Girl With Polish And Scandinavian Parents Suddenly Turning Into A Brazilian.”

Objective-Diver-4313 -Via

“Toe Down! Toe Down!!”

corakeet -Via

“Do People Still Believe These Are Real Photos?”

writerrani -Via

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