Strange Giants Remains Were Discovered on Alaskan Mound Graveyard – Alien News

Ivan T. Sanderson is a well-known American naturalist who shared an interesting story about a letter that he received from Alan Makshir (an engineer stationed at Shemya Island in Aleutians during WWII).

Alan Makshir, along with his work team, was assigned to construct a landing area.

They found what appeared to be a burial site for massive human remains, including huge skulls and bones.

One skull measured 11 inches wide by 22 inches long from the base to the top. An adult skull is 8 inches long from the back to the front. This is the size of a large person’s skull.

In the past, giants had second-row teeth and irrational flatheads.

Every skull had an exquisitely carved hole in its upper side. This was trepanned.

To make an infant grow longer, the Flathead Indians of Montana and the Mayans of Peru used the technique of pressing down on the skull of an infant.

Although Mr. Sanderson tried to get additional evidence when he received the second mail, it just confirmed his suspicions. According to both letters, the Smithsonian Institute had seized the mystery remains.

Mr. Sanderson knows that the Smithsonian Institution has the bones, and is puzzled by their refusal to release their findings.

“Can’t people face history being rewritten?” He wondered.

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