The Secret Mission At An Ancient Structure In Antarctica Is Revealed By Navy Seal Military

On January 23, 2018, Emmy Award-winning journalist Linda Moulton Howe released video proof of a new informant outlining her top-secret duty in a gigantic ancient alien structure concealed beneath the ice of Antarctica.

According to the informant, he visited a massive octagonal-shaped facility near the Beardmore glacier that reached deep into the glacier’s icy interior during a secret operation in 2003.

Howe met with the source, a retired US Navy Seal, for the first time on July 19, 2018. To protect her identity, he used the alias Spartan 1 in a YouTube video made by Howe, in which his face was obscured and his voice was altered. Howe claimed to have had total command over Spartan 1, which provided him with adequate documentation to support his military career.

Another military whistleblower who testified previously was Brian, a Navy flight engineer who flew many support flights with the Antarctic Development Squadron from 1983 to 1997. He noticed a number of anomalies that he believes lead to secret installations or bases beneath Antarctica’s ice.

As Howe pointed out, he claimed to have witnessed the discovery of silver flying saucers in the Transantarctic Mountains, not far from where the Navy Seal had carried out his mission. The structure, which was an eight-sided octagon, was spotted by ground-penetrating radar, according to the Navy Seal.

In 2003, a group of US Navy special operations troops came to Antarctica to investigate a perfectly geometrical eight-sided octagonal structure discovered by a penetrating radar inside the Beardmore glacier, some 93 miles from the American outpost of McMurdo.

Another team of engineers and scientists had already sliced the top layer of a pure black octagon that had been constructed above two other black octagonal structures that had sunk deep into the 2-mile-thick ice.

In the video, the Navy Seal (known as Spartan 1) describes how he launched his mission from an aircraft carrier near the Ross Sea, west of Antarctica. He was helicoptered to McMurdo Station, the largest American base in Antarctica.

Spartan 1 related how he descended 50 feet beneath the ice to open a door. The walls of the structure are 18 to 30 feet thick (6-10 meters) and the ceiling is 22-28 feet high, according to him (7-9 meters). He claimed that the walls, ceiling, and floor were all made of a black basalt stone that looked like polished black marble.

A lime green source lit the ceiling and floor, and the chamber was heated to roughly 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (20-22 degrees Celsius). He discovered no heating or lighting system, adding to the enigma of the underground complex.

According to the witness, the archaeological workers only found one piece of the structure, with the remainder buried beneath the ice and stretching far below. According to ground penetrating radar, the installation was octagonal in shape and covered 62 acres (about 0.5 square kilometers).

According to Spartan 1, walls and doors were covered with 20 cm high and 5 cm thick hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphics were neither Egyptian nor Maya in form, but they included animal pictures and other strange symbols in common with both.

One of the insignia was very similar to the Nazi SS’s image of the Black Sun, which was inscribed on the floor of their Wewelsburg Castle headquarters. The portrayal of the Black Sun is still prohibited under Nazi propaganda regulations in Germany. Spartan 1 said that one of his responsibilities included bringing scientists to photograph and draw the subsurface structure and hieroglyphic symbols.

He said that one of the scientists was forced to leave because he insisted on more time to thoroughly inventory what had been discovered. Spartan 1 claims that the facility was built by a group of extraterrestrials who were involved in the genetic alteration of humans.

Spartan 1’s testimony is essential because it provides a unique personal account of what was uncovered within one of the antiquity-era underground constructions. Brian, a former Antarctic eyewitness, couldn’t see or investigate one of the things. Brian related the story as he witnessed a big hole breach the South Pole as it soared above his head via a restricted and regulated region.

So far, just two more insiders/informants have come forward to tell their experiences of being duped or viewing ancient artefacts buried beneath Antarctica’s ice. Two persons, Corey Goode and Pete Peterson, claim to have seen some of the buried artifacts during their journeys.

Goode claims to have been transported to Antarctica in early 2016 and early 2017, when he saw hidden bases and the relics of an ancient civilisation buried deep beneath the ice sheets. He claims to have seen the remains of human-alien hybrids made thousands of years ago as part of extraterrestrial genetic experimentation conducted by a humanoid race.

Peterson claims to have been sent on covert missions to Antarctica, where he was entrusted with interpreting advanced technology discovered near three mother ships, one or more of which he observed during his journeys. Goode’s allegation of an ancient extraterrestrial facility that operated as a global civilization’s centre is backed up by Peterson’s evidence. This prompts a slew of intriguing questions.

Was the Black Sun symbol a representation of an ancient global society, with spirals connecting to distant colonies, with the South Pole serving as the fulcrum? On my book, The Hidden History of Antarctica, I demonstrate that German nationalists who use the black sun as a symbol have established a colony in the frozen continent.

According to Howe’s analysis, the structure seen by Spartan 1 dates back to 33 million years ago, which is the standard era given by traditional geologists for when Antarctica was ice-free. Spartan 1’s independent testimony backs up important points made by Goode and Peterson, as well as other theories about what lies under the frozen continent.

We will be able to discover more about what lies under the Antarctic polar ice caps once Spartan 1’s testimony is made public as part of Howe’s film series.


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