Forgotten History – The Giza Plateau’s 4th Mysterious BLACK Pyramid

Frederic Norden, a Danish navy officer and explorer, was fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture, as we all are.

In 1700, he traveled to Egypt and took detailed notes, observations, and drawings on everything he saw, including monuments, people, maps, and architecture, which were ultimately published posthumously in the book “Voyage D’Egypte et de Nubie.”

Even today, Egypt’s mysteries, ancient Egyptian culture, and architectural and scientific achievements fascinate people all over the world. The pyramids’ perfection attracts us. The pyramids on the Giza Plateau are a must-see in Egypt.

We know there are three pyramids on the Giza plateau currently, but some ancient records indicate there was a fourth pyramid that was distinct from the others.

The fourth pyramid was built with “a stone blacker than typical granite and more difficult to work with.”

“The major pyramids of Giza are found in the east and south-east…

There are four of them, and they are the ones that pique the public’s curiosity. The two largest pyramids, which tower approximately 500 feet tall, are located further north. The other two are much smaller, but they each have their own distinct personality.”

“It is uncoated and appears to be the same as the others.” It does, however, have one distinguishing feature: the summit is crowned with a single huge stone that appears to have served as a pedestal. The summit is made of a pale stone. It’s also west of the others, on the other side of the line.”

Egyptologists, historians, and scholars are unconvinced that a fourth pyramid exists, alleging that Norden confused Menakure’s “satellite” pyramid for a fourth. The fourth pyramid, according to Norden, is composed of a darker stone, whereas the “satellite” pyramid is made of sandstone.

Norden’s words and drawings are exceptionally precise and detailed, and he depicts the fourth black pyramid as distinct from the other three Giza pyramids. The presence of the Giza plateau’s additional seven or eight minor pyramids was also reported by Norden.


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