The Old Testament Book of Enoch Was Prohibited in the Bible — It Containing Fallen Angels, Giants, and a Warning to Humanity


The book of Enoch is only one of many biblical books that have been prohibited and labeled fraudulent; this is true for many bible books since they are difficult to read, include numerous errors, and are just erroneous.

However, the book of Enoch is an exception; there are few to no errors, the language and syntax used are identical to the Bible, it discusses Angels and Guardians and the end of the world in the same way as the Bible, so why was it forbidden among the others?

Enoch is said to be Noah’s grandpa, a pivotal figure in the Bible who maintained constant touch with God. That also applies to Enoch, however in his work he discusses more evil topics.

Fallen angels are referenced frequently in the book, angels that came to Earth and did the prohibited, slept with human women, giving life to evil giants, yes giants, giants are also a prominent hypothesis in the Book of Enoch that is never addressed in the Bible. It also mentions the end of the world?

Here’s the video:

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