A Giant crashed Disc-Shaped UFO was captured on Mars


Jean Ward, a renowned ufologist and virtual paleontologist, has revealed his astonishing discovery.

The ufologist noticed blueprints of a giant plate formed piece that likely destroyed as it slammed with the planet’s surface in a NASA rocket photograph of Mars’ outer layer.

The unusual object, which measures around 15 meters in length, is partially covered by Martian dirt.

According to the ufologist, this implies that the UFO had a high velocity before to impact, thus the pilot of the mechanical assembly sought to slow its growth on the planet’s outer layer.

The ufologist admits that even before the descent, the UFO was gravely wounded since its pilot had no choice but to make a crisis landing.

The expert draws attention to the fact that even outsider boats have drawbacks.

Here’s the full video:

The image under consideration here (PSP 001984 1735) was obtained by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on December 29, 2006.

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