Major James McDivitt, an astronaut, observed and photographed a Gemini 4 UFO (Video)


The Gemini Missions were far from ordinary, mundane, or boring! Indeed, this UFO sighting has been dubbed “the best UFO image ever taken in space” by numerous individuals.

It’s never, ever going to get any better than this UFO photo directly below this writing.

James McDivitt and Ed White orbited the Earth 66 times, making history as the first US multi-day space journey. The astronauts photographed a mysterious, cylindrical-shaped object during the mission, which has been hailed as one of the best UFO images by numerous authors.

That is the complete and raw Gemini 4 UFO photograph (top link). Take a look before it’s removed, since it is possibly the best UFO you and I will ever see!


Major James McDivitt observed, filmed, and photographed an object approaching the Gemini IV capsule (3rd June — 7th June 1965) as it orbited the Earth, passing over Hawaii. “It had a very distinct shape – a cylindrical thing – it was white – it had a lengthy arm that protruded from the side,” he explained.

Unless you have an authentic UFO encounter — one that includes a meet and greet, tea cakes, and the exchange of business cards. Unless and until that occurs, this UFO is astronaut verified; it is NASA stamped, despite the fact that NASA has lost the majority of its credibility when it comes to UFOs and Aliens. It was the US Government that informed the world of the existence of UFOs, not the agency (NASA) that was established to handle such matters.

The image is amazing, but almost never referenced in television shows, meetings, podcasts, or specific documentaries. I believe this is deliberate, as there are so many occurrences to pick from nowadays that putting this one aside must imply that there is a more interesting one to discuss? Which is quite difficult to believe…

It does, however, include the one thing that every Ufologist seeks! I’m referring to its acute appearance, the right angles and the left angles, the colors are vibrant and easily distinguishable, and the shape of the front in comparison to the back gives this an evident appearance of pointing in a specific direction.

Additionally, it is traveling in the direction in which it is driving itself, indicating that there are several aspects of it that are intelligent, purposeful, and precise. There are no blurred edges or weird looking threads supporting it, and there are no blurred edges from copying and pasting, all of which contribute to this being one of the best UFO encounters that has more than likely occurred in space.

We can deny it and find something, anything, to justify it. People overlook how easily even genuine UFO sightings can be dismissed.

Here’s a straightforward illustration of what I’m saying:

Take everything that is unquestionably true and put doubt on it… Consider the following. The Moon landing itself is a point of contention. Someone just states “it has been established that the Moon landing was a hoax,” which casts skepticism. Thus, some will argue that this is proof in and of itself. It does not become true just by writing it.

Another example is that the Apollo missions came to a halt at number seventeen. Only the Apollo 13 crew succeeded in reaching the Moon and landing a man on its surface. There are numerous ways to cast doubt on UFOs and actual events, as well as numerous ways to promote fabricated events as real. We live in an odd world. Apollo 17 was the final flight in December 1972.

However, did you know that the Apollo Moon missions were funded, planned, crewed, and supposedly carried out in secret because earlier crews discovered alien technology and the last few flights were recovery missions? Of course, this is all a conspiracy if NASA is to be believed, the same NASA that shuts down the ISS live feed when a UFO is spotted near the ISS’s outer perimeter. You’re already aware of this because it’s always occurred since the ISS live stream began.

The complete YouTube video released by Streetcap1 is as follows:

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