“There Are Millions of Aliens Living On The Moon,” Says Former CIA Pilot John Lear


In the UFO world, John Lear is a well-known and divisive figure. He made discoveries of top-secret knowledge about extraterrestrial activity in the 1980s and 1990s.

As if that weren’t enough, Lear also claims that there are urban zones beneath the Moon’s surface where races of grey extraterrestrials live. According to the former CIA pilot, these underground facilities have laboratories where genetic experimentation is carried out.

In the UFO world, John Lear is a well-known and divisive figure. He made discoveries of top-secret knowledge about extraterrestrial activity in the 1980s and 1990s.

At that time, Lear said:

“In 1953, an alien ship crashed and captured an extraterrestrial we called EBE 3, which helped the US government. To build some spacecraft with extraterrestrieal technology. In 1962 we had vehicles that could not go faster than the speed of light, like alien vehicles, but fast enough to reach the Moon in 60 minutes and a few hours to go to Mars. The first flight to Mars took place in 1966. Even on the red planet, there are around 600 million alien beings and some human colonies. “ – John Lear

According to Lear, NASA has altered images obtained by Apollo missions 8, 10, and 11 to hide some lunar secrets.

The NASA publication SB2-46 published these pictures in 1971. Despite the editing, a metropolis, a spatial base, pipes, roads, greenery, air, atmosphere, 66% gravity compared to Earth, lighting, mining operations, and a nuclear reactor can all be seen.

Because many buildings on the Moon were already there when the operations began, extraterrestrial participation was required. For the past 40 years, this has been the case. In the mid-1950s, John’s father was involved in antigravity technology programs, still a top-secret technology today.

Possible Alien Construction On The Moon

According to Lear, everything we know about the Moon is a government sham with the specific objective of hiding its extraterrestrial activities and programs. He also says that the government has hidden the fact that there are many planets in the universe like Earth.

Lear added:

“I cannot prove it. I cannot show you an image of the USS Enterprise up there now. It is precisely what makes sense to know the technology obtained after the US government. I have injected billions or trillions of dollars into all of Tesla’s investigations. “

And that’s not all. Lear also gave another statement, which may be the most surprising of all. Lear said that our planet is a planetary prison and serves as a prison institution where prisoners must reach a higher level of consciousness.

Surprising statements like the previous ones logically need evidence. Unfortunately, Lear has no way to prove it, and as he says, he would already be dead if he had them.

We know that other researchers who have come close to the truth have ended their days in strange ways. Although these stories sound like fantasy, we cannot rule them out.

First-world governments carry out secret projects, invest in advanced technology, and have great secrets that they refuse to declassify. Little by little, we will know the truth, and the fact is more fascinating than fiction.

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  1. Around 2018 I think it was I posted a question about the Moon on Quora regarding all the surface images seeming to indicate some type of "network" and it got a surprising amount of views. Maybe some of the views were from extra terrestrials among us?

  2. The part that got me was that earth was a prison we are stuck on until we essentially raise our consciousness. I'm in the middle of some massive and jaw dropping spiritual enlightenment right now. Very surreal world.