Amy Jandrisevits creates 'Dolls Like Me' for children who have physical disabilities.

Dolls are one of the most recognizable childhood things. However, the ones we see on the shelves of toy stores are perfect. There are no distinctions at all. Many concerned parents and groups have been raising this issue for years, prompting many businesses to develop more inclusive toys. While this is all well and good, Amy Jandrisevits' individualized dolls much outshine Mattel's and other businesses' mass-produced inclusive dolls!

Jandrisevits' 'A Doll Like Me' idea began when she saw that toys sold in stores only gave limited representation. Despite the businesses' efforts, she felt that something was still missing. Although representation is vital, commercial doll companies still have a long way to go in this area. Amy wasn't going to sit around and wait to see what the big names would do about it! Instead, she started making customized dolls that resembled real kids.

"I'm a doll maker who believes that every child, regardless of gender, race, age, medical condition, or body type, should see themselves in the sweet face of a doll."


Amy Jandrisevits makes custom dolls for children who have visible physical disabilities.

Amy's decision to begin manufacturing personalized dolls was made four years ago. The process begins when she receives a doll request, which includes photos and other pertinent information about the child who will receive the doll. The dollmaker claims that she pays meticulous attention to the child's ethnicity and physical appearance, particularly their most distinguishing features. She heads over to her wooden table to work her magic once she's gathered all of these crucial facts. She'll need roughly seven hours to complete her plush creation.

"Every doll has a tale to tell, and some of them are raw, painful, and emotional. I'm pleased to be a part of their story and blessed to see into their world. That is not something I take lightly."



Her dolls are a method for her to honor and empower youngsters.

This generous dollmaker believes that she has now created approximately 300 of these beautiful dolls. And each of those dolls has a striking similarity to their respective owners. She has created dolls for children who have lost limbs, children who have medical illnesses, and even children who have been maimed in conflicts.

"Each child must be viewed as a work of art — a masterpiece." While doll-making is an artistic endeavor, the ultimate canvas is the child. This is where we must begin if we want to develop a society that appreciates diversity and inclusion. We begin with something as simple as a doll - a facsimile of a human."

Jandrisevits' Instagram page is full of adorable photos of kids clinging to and adoring their stuffed animals. Her handiwork is frequently carried around by the children who get it, especially when they go to the hospital. Jandrisevits is well aware that her works will not magically alleviate the child's suffering. Instead, she hopes that her invention will provide the youngster with strength and comfort.

Jandrisevits' designs are adored by the children that receive them.

'Chip' is always with Keagan wherever he goes.



You may help Jandrisevits' mission by making a donation.

A Doll Like Me, according to Jandrisevits, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This implies she won't have to charge families for her products as long as people donate to her purpose. A fundraiser is now being held with an objective of raising $240,000.

"Typically, parents or carers pay for the dolls, which cost around $100 each plus delivery. I'll find a method to cover it myself if they can't afford it. Whatever it takes, I'm determined to get a doll into the hands of these kids, no matter what it costs. This isn't just a company. It's the proper course of action."



She had not expected her work to be so well received by the general audience. However, the success of her mission made her understand that she wasn't alone in her desire to see, celebrate, and empower other individuals. "It shows how desperate we are for representation on a larger stage," she said. "One person at a time, I'm altering the story." Here's where you can donate to A Doll Like Me.


Source: Instagram

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