How wonderful it is that nature has embraced what human abandon.


Humans are the most intelligent living beings on earth. That is an undoubtedly truth. Now, even nature is under human control and no more examples are needed to show how human activities go beyond the control of nature. But there is truth to be said. The places without humans have an amazing natural beauty. Not like in ancient times, today we are living in a century of technological revolution. In the past, people were amicable with nature. But today humans are changing the world by expanding their power without limits.

You may be wondering why I started this article with an introduction like this. Definitely, there is a special reason for that.

Think a bit. What would the world be like without humans? What would the world be like with all the living beings and trees except humans? Can you pay attention to the photos below? Surely you will understand how wonderful the way in which nature takes over the things that have been abandoned by humans. Look at the wonders of buildings, ships, trains, houses and planes abandoned by humans that embraced by nature. That is how the world looks even without humans. Then everything will be ruled by nature. Humans are just one aspect of nature. In a world devoid of human control, trees and vines are growing back and habitats are provided equally to all living beings including humans. There is something else that comes to my mind with theses photos. Maybe you have seen these stories. The 100, Shanara chronicles, Revolution and Life after people are also several TV series that shows depicts a world devoid of human beings

Images credit go to pinterest

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