The Berlin Couple Slays Every Costume They Wear


Well, it’s true that there is no age to do fashion and this couple is a living proof for that. Britt Kanja and Günther Krabbenhöft the Berlin fashionistas who are in their silver age always get the attention of the crowd when they go out because of their incredible fashion sense, proving that fashion is timeless.

Günther  was viral years back as he got the nickname as Hipster Grandpa. His ability to dance which he discovered later when he is old, gained the attention of the world. ‘’Since then, I’ve been able to skip my other fitness program, I just need a little strength training on the side,” Günther commented on Süddeutsche Zeitung.

You might think that Günther was a stylist or a fashion designer. ‘’I would have liked that, yes. But I wasn’t someone who rebelled, I did what my parents told me to do.” But, Günther was a chef. “It was hard for me at first, but it was okay. A completely normal job.”

However, this Hipster Grandpa always had a knack for fashion. ‘’In Hanover, where I grew up, we used to run around in miniskirts when the miniskirt was just coming out for men. With Roman sandals, too! But we quickly let that go. When I came to Kreuzberg over 30 years ago, I mainly dressed in black in the typical alternative look here – but always special with a personal twist.”

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