The world’s oldest pyramids could have been just discovered in Alaska.

These icy states and continents sure have a mysterious past on them, Antarctica and Alaska are one of those places that we know only a sliver of.

For example, so many out of place anomalies have been discovered in Antarctica in the past, it just puts the whole continent into a whole new perspective.

Antarctica has been home to so many new pyramids being discovered of completely unknown origins, and now Alaska is taking the cake, a new pyramid has been discovered, not only is it massive and it out scales the Giza pyramids, it has out lived them as well, being so much more older than them.

So far no carvings have been spotted on this pyramid, hinting that is not a tomb, but that’s not a far fetched theory since many pyramids discovered are not actually tombs, since no mummies are found in most of them.

However due to the massive size of this ancient object, studies will take a very long time, so its too early to come into a conclusion.

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