The Reason Why the Anunnaki and the Ancient Sumerians Are Not Taught in Schools

Our educational system claim that we know everything about humankind own history and that there is nothing else to it. Everything is in our understanding, our whole history is right here on this planet and we are the first to live on it.

Surely that’s all there is to it right?. Unless you were to take into consideration the thousands and hundreds of documents and contradictions that these so-called science-based school systems work off of.

There has been found much proof of Ancient Sumerians and of course, the Anunnaki out there that it is simply we are unable to grasp why it is still not mentioned in the school books.

They don’t want us to know the truth because the closer we are to the truth the harder it is going to be for them to control us, and that’s the only reason why these subjects are taboo in schools. Some might say they are just a conspiracy, well much like Egyptians, we can pretend to know about their culture but we actually know nothing, or Mayans, all we know is that they build some pyramids and that’s it, but we still learn about them in school.

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