Scientists are refusing to shed light into inexpiable artifacts in human history

Visit any museum, or read any history book and you will see how civilizations and human beings have evolved from ancient times to modern days, with all the advances in science, culture and technology

Any kind of document or evidence that is shown to us in museums, are facts manipulated to look like the history of mankind that have been shown to us to date

On the contrary, a number of new discoveries actually tell a different story about what really happened

These discoveries or facts are labeled as, strange and inexplicable discoveries, and many of them are based on a very advanced civilization that we do not know or do not learn about.

Although these discoveries are well known, a large number of scholars and historians underestimate them and ignore them.

but it is unacceptable and impossible to ignore these details of human history that do not match what they tell us

We can say that many of these discoveries show that history is not straight, but round. And its repeating itself.

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