Man Builds Replica of the Great Pyramid and Taps into Strange Energy (video)

Jim Onan is the first man to ever create a replica of a pyramid, while as an idea it just seems like a building made of concrete, once the pyramid was finished he noticed a bizarre energy surrounding it!

Jim Onan may seem like your average bloke but he’s anything but that as he is the first person from the 21st century to have actually built his own Great Pyramid and in doing so he actually managed to tap into the bizarre energy surrounding it.

He started this to confirm the ancient texts found in the pyramids, saying that the Great pyramids produce and convey great energy!

As he was continuing his journey he realized if he wanted straightforward results he would have to create a replica of the pyramids to really see for himself.

Which is what he did exactly, while it took him several tries to get it right, and once it did he indeed noticed strange things happening around it. Instantly the plants close to the replica pyramid grew 3 times the plants further away, and out of nowhere water started coming out!

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