Archaeologists Unearthed the Tomb of a Giant Warrior, Horses and a Witch in Germany

Near a cemetery in Theiben, a small village in Germany an incredible finding was made. Two bodies were buried next to each other. They both had interesting characteristics, one of them was massive, and the other,a small and petite, believed to be a woman, or a witch.

According to archeologists, these 2 findings belong to the Merovingian era which lasted from the fifth to the eight century.

First thing to look at is the Giant. The skeleton is around 8 feet tall, in a time when humanity was around 4 feet tall. So basically twice as tall as a normal human being.

And a sword next to him, 3.5 feet long, indicating the strength of the creature.

She on the other hand was tied up and had an iron bar in her chest which is a clear sign that she was believed to be a witch at the time. She was believed to be 18 years old and she was buried with her face down.

Face down burial is a method used to bury witches and evildoers so that they are sent straight to hell in the after life.

4 horse skeletons were unearthed as well, an ancient belief was to bury a warrior with its horse, so he can continue riding it in the after life.

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