12+ Creative Tattoo Designs That Included People’s Birthmarks And Scars

You would be surprised at the number of people who carry around conspicuous scars and birthmarks. It’s just that some find them embarrassing and therefore try to keep them out of sight.

Granted, there are those who display their scars and birthmarks with pride.

However, today we will look at people who have found very creative ways to hide and even make their birthmarks and scars more interesting.

You will be amazed by the level of creativity you will see here. See which of these amazing tattoos you like the best.

1. The UFO Tattoo

What an amazing way to make use of that scar! Not a lot of people would have come up with such a brilliant idea.

What might have previously been an unflattering scar is probably something this tattoo owner proudly likes to show off.

2. The Fishbone Tattoo

That is a truly amazing way to turn a scar into a beautiful work of art. This should be strong inspiration for people to make the most of their scars.

3. The Beautiful Flower Tattoo

We go through certain experiences in life that we would rather forget forever. One of the best ways to move on is to cover up these reminders with beautiful works of art.

Here, with a little bit of creativity, a reminder of a painful past turned into an inspiring piece of art. You got to love this beautiful flower tattoo!

4. The Birthmark Tattoo

I am guessing you had to take a second look to realize that this tattoo is not entirely designed by a tattoo artist. The unusual birthmark made for a truly remarkable tattoo that few, if any, artists can replicate.

This goes to show how far a good idea can go.

5. That’s Not Just A Feather

Anyone can imagine that working with scarred skin tissue is no walk in the park. However, with unbelievable talent and skill, this artist managed to turn a huge scar into a big source of pride for this person.

Few people can even tell that this tattoo had anything to do with covering up a scar. Can you? Be honest.

6. A Beautiful Rose

A small birthmark can turn into a beautiful tattoo: this artwork proves that much. This lady was probably quite self-conscious of the birthmark before she got the tattoo, but we are betting she is quite proud of it and likes to show it off these days.

The most intriguing thing about it is that nobody can tell it’s even a clever cover up.

7. A Happy Face That Just Lights Up

They say a smile can solve a multitude of problems. This tattoo shows how this can happen in practice.

Putting those eyes and the wide smile on that mark turns it into a glowing face that puts a smile on all who see it.

8. Notice Something Interesting In Those Paws?

Wow! What an adorable way to cover up a birthmark.

Even if you are not a pet lover, you have to love these cute paws. This was clearly a brilliant idea that paid off wholesomely.

9. What A Beautiful Scene!

This person probably didn’t like having to explain the fairly large mark on their back. However, the creative tattoo has definitely changed by turning the mark into a scenic artwork that can only inspire admiration and praise.

10. Zipping Up The Neck

This tattoo is so out of the box and an awesome way to make a neck scar enviable. This idea is so unique, and it was so effective and brilliant.

The tattoo is very simple, but it’s also very creative.

11. The Colorful Sea Turtle

Turtles are so adorable but still quite cool. It is quite incredible that someone managed to turn this prominent mark into a cool turtle tattoo.

12. A Look Into Space

We get that dealing with a prominent birthmark can’t be easy, but this person shows the best way to do it. This is a great tattoo that hides a mark that is in such an exposed place.

The whole artwork is a fun scenery that unfolds right on someone’s arm. It’s hard to imagine that the brightly colored background wasn’t intentionally put there by the tattoo artist.

13. An Interesting Tree Tattoo

There is something uniquely intriguing about trees. That is why this tattoo is so cool.

At first look, it’s hard to imagine that the tree trunk actually hides a prominent scar on the leg. This is quite mind-blowing, don’t you agree?

What Do You Think About These Works Of Art?

These tattoo ideas are quite interesting, and they show that people have other ways of dealing with scars and birthmarks besides hiding them beneath rolls of fabric.

So, if you have a mark, you would like to hide, this could be the solution you need. Having these marks turned into beautiful works of art is such a brilliant idea from the look of things.

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