The Tools Used to Build the Ancient Monuments Have Been Hidden in Plain Sight All Along


We already know that the tools that were used to create the ancient monuments we see to this day were special the least, but what we don’t know is why we don’t have access to them to this very day, or even where are they for that matter, they couldn’t have just disappeared.

The methods in themselves appear to be a mystery for us all around as we still cannot tell whether they used to sound or vibrations to create the monuments of the past all along.

But, experts now claim that they could have just found truth behind it all after all this time.

This all came to life when the Arab Historian and a geologist brought presented the idea that the ancient Egyptians used sound to move the massive blocks around.

Commonly referred to as the Herodotus of the Arabs he talked about it around 947 AD stating that an ancient sacred papyrus could give them the way on how to use some sort of metal rod, to bend the rocks to their will.

The very same object can be seen in the hands of many Egypt deities, including Anubis.

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