Secret Key Behind Sphinx’s Ear – Life on Earth Will Change Irrevocably When It Will Be Unlocked

Sphinx is surrounded by mysteries, did you know that the Sphinx is actually several thousand years older than the pyramids? To the Egyptians the Sphinx was a guardian, or a gate keeper.

Well not to this boy from Russia who claims in his past life he lived in Mars before being reborn in Earth.

The kids parents say that he was a wonder boy from the start, he managed to walk and talk only when a few months old, could read at the age of 2 and even as an infant he could keep his head straight without assistance.

His parents also said that around age 7 he started talking about other world civilizations without those things ever being mentioned to him. He says life on Mars ended due to a massive conflict and they wouldn’t listen to the boy! According to him a few pilots from Mars came to Earth and felt a strong connection to Egyptians.

The boy warns us the Earth is bound to the same fate unless we unlock the secrets behind the Sphinx’s ear.

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