What ancient civilizations tell us about our Moon – The Moon is not what we thought.

We have all heard of the infamous theories regarding that the moon landing is faked, while the theory does have some compelling argument, the real question is, why would they fake such a massive thing?


Well we might know why, because some people think that the Moon is actually a ship, or an artificial planet for alien beings to watch over us for years to come, or perhaps strike at us!


Ancient text documents often describe the Moon as a deity or a god, to which we should pray to, what if what our ancestors meant was to pray to whoever is living in the Moon, not the Moon itself.

And giving a thought, also seeing whats been going around the world this theory doesn’t seem that far fetched at all!


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  1. every thing he said in this video sounds right to me...he left up other evidence like the swarms of TICTacs we have seen going to and from the moon and our oceans ! and he does not mention the cuneiform tablets telling of the watchers/IGiGI being based on the moon he does not mention the south african shamen telling how enlil and Enki pulled the moon into position. causing tides and minstrel cycles etc, I like this kid ! He ask the right questions instead of hiding facts ...good work young man we who know of the Anunnaki creator species appreciate your gumption!