The Strange Alien Skulls Discovered in Africa Could Change The History As We Know It

Many people seem to think we humans have been the only intelligence inhabiting this Earth! But a recent discovery challenges this theory to the core!

Do you believe this finding has something to do with, let’s presume, the mummies discovered in Peru? Or could it be proof that could prove the presence of extraterrestrials? Let us exactly what you’re thinking.


Recently a skull found in Africa buried deep in the ground, which in ways fits the skull of a humanoid intelligent creature, but in the same time there something about it, its characteristics which make it hard to classify it as a skull of a human!


This discovery was full of polemics, and sparked many conspiracies and hypothetical realities. Nonetheless by carbon dating, scientists have estimated the skull to be about 14 million years old,that’s right, long before humans were around! And containing a handful or iridium, a matter usually found in meteors.


Do you think this is simply a deformed human? Possibly, but very low possibility, could it also be one of many mummies found in Peru, either way there is something fascinating about this planets history and we love discovering new things about it!


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  2. these are actually sculptures by takeshi yamada

    1. A 14 million year old sculpture who left the makers name and mark…?🤔

  3. Irridium you can also find here on earth it came here from a metoer impact around 65.000.000 years ago.

  4. This planet has been around a looooong time. With continental drift and climate changes, who really knows how many iterations of civilizations have come and gone. We really need that time machine to know for sure, don't we.

  5. If you're going to write something this important, you could at least check it for missing words and grammatical errors, before posting. And repetition of words like "it", for example. You won't be taken seriously with writing this bad. Sorry...