The Ancient Book of Giants was Discovered in Qumran

Around 52 years ago, a book was discovered, more precisely ”Book of the giants” a book which exactly the title, where its written about the stories regarding a person named Mani and his adventures around the land of the Giants.

In this book we read about the Giants, a powerful race caused by the deed of God and mortal women, resulting in these powerful and merciless creatures that stop at nothing when destroying.

Apparently when Enoch, heard of the doings of these Giants he decided to take matter into his own hand and deal with him, in the long run its unclear what happened to the giants exactly.

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  1. " The Deed of God? " not at all. The rebellious Angels, if you follow the Book of Enoch is what caused the Giants. They were the children and offspring of the fallen Angles. These Angles put off their former estate and took wives amongst themselves. These children made war and killed off one another. The Great Flood killed many of them as well. The real question is "Did their DNA survive and if so who and where are they now?