Researchers find structural tombs on Mars, similar to those on Earth!

This isn’t the only time Mars has been showing us bizarre ruins and structures, but this time is absolutely shocking.

A few years back, some satellite images of Mars, show us some very weird rocks or structures, strongly resembling a humanoid face emerging from the ground.

There have been so many ruins and structures which hint that life could have been thriving on Mars, who knows how many years ago, but perhaps from a cataclysm the race were forced to flee.

And this isn’t even all for this article, because something even more crazy has been spotted!

You could have heard of the Kofun tomb in Japan, its a keyhole shaped tomb, built during Kofun Era. And this is what they look like.

And now, you are about to see what archeologists found somewhere on Mars using satellite pictures.

Only an ignorant would ignore the similarities of these 2 structures found on Mars and Earth.

Now here is the important question. Were perhaps humans first living on Mars? Then after some sort of catastrophic event wiped all humans, and only a few people survived and fled to Earth, using some sort of spaceship?

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