Researchers Discovered a 2 Billion-Year-Old Ancient Nuclear Reactor in Africa

Something amazing has been discovered in Oklo deposit from Gabon, which used to be a French colony, that part belongs to the equatorial somewhere on the western side of Africa.

A french Uranium researcher and expert here discovered traces of 3 kind of uranium, 238, 234, and 235. However these particles of uranium had something different about them. Uranium-234 only had a concentration of 0.717, which is incredibly high compared to usual numbers.

That urged him to take more tests around that area, which lead to the discovery that Uranium had been scattered around everywhere in around 1km radius, he even found traces of it as far as 2.5km. This and many other tests led him and other researchers to believe that this was in fact a nuclear reactor of the past, which by carbon dating it shows us to be a lot older then we would think, although we are not quite sure yet.

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  1. This is a test of critical thinking. If you believed it, you failed.

  2. I’m sorry but that’s a reach but nice click bait picture

  3. Which is it, 1.8 million, or 2 billion?

    1. dosent really matter if its 1 mil or 2 bil years ago its the fact that technology should'nt of existed at any of those dates.

  4. Probably debris from a visiting extra-solar space tourist that crash landed or littered.