12 feet tall, two headed mummified giant unearthed in Patagonia.

The story of Kap Dwa, the two headed giant is a tale told several hundred years ago, 1673 to be more precise, it speaks to a small city in Spain, attacked ferociously by a monster, a giant with two heads, standing at 3 meters tall.

The villagers managed to outwit the primitive giant, and caged him, scared that he would escape, they stabbed the creature to death. Now as you can figure this is but a children’s bed time story, or so we thought.

Only recently we might have found evidence that this story is not just a story, it’s the past! These days everyone has their own version of the truth, the mummy was found in Paraguay, not Patagonia, different questions about its origins, and many things have gone unanswered.

Be that as it may, this creature existed, it lived, and we have its dead mummified body with stab scars all over its chest and head.

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